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Founder's Biography

Founder's Biography


Biography of Chris LeCheminant, Founder and President

Born and raised in the San Francisco East Bay Area

Lived in the United Kingdom from 1979-1981

Graduated from Brigham Young University in 1985 with a B.S. in Business Management

Married since 1982 to his college sweetheart and together they have five children

After graduation in 1985, Chris worked for Safeway Stores, Inc. in various management postiions in the Pacific Northwest for 7 years with before pursuing a career change and moving to the Salt Lake City, Utah area where he and his family currently reside.

Chris has extensive professional experience in Retail Mgt, Distribution and Sales Mgt, Finance—Mortgage and Business Equipment Leasing, College Placement Director, College Instructor of Business and Professional Development, Personal Coach for Rich Dad Poor Dad programs including Choose To Be Rich, Real Estate, Franchise, and Entrepreneur coaching, Jack Canfield programs including Success Principles, and Law of Attraction. He is also a Certified Myers-Briggs Practitioner since 2013.

A volunteer Scoutmaster with the Boy Scouts of America since 2006, Chris donates his time helping young men develop life skills, self confidence, and character traits espoused in BSA principles in scout meetings and  high adventure outdoor experiences.

An avid student of personal development since 1997, Chris has blended the work of many teachers and professional mentors into his own personal methods of achievement and success. Combining this extensive study and application with a passion for the outdoors, particularly the desert southwest, Chris has developed unique programs that give his clients an opportunity for personal discovery found no where else. Thus DTE Consulting and Desert Toad Expeditions come together to provide the right tools in the right environment to put clients on a path of self-discovery and success.

The familiar phase “Climbing the ladder of success only to find it leaning against the wrong wall” rings true when it comes to creating a life plan or personal success plan. Clients are focused in the direction of “what matters most” before the development of a personal plan begins.

Blending Chris’s extensive business and personal development and coaching experience with his passion for the desert southwest has presented him with a unique opportunity to combine a program of self discovery and planning in an outdoor setting that is inspiring, removed from distraction, and unparalleled in its unique natural beauty.

Chris’s outdoor experience includes:

A private whitewater guide since 1976 on all the premier rivers of the western United States including Grand Canyon, Cataract Canyon, Westwater, Green , Yampa, San Juan, Middle Fork and Main Salmon, Snake, Rogue, Klamath, Stanaslaus, and Tuolumne Rivers. In his 30+ years of rowing, Chris has only broken two oars and has yet to flip his raft. An excellent record for the number of river miles he has logged as a guide.

Explored Western United States and Canada with an emphasis on the desert southwest/Colorado Plateau regions

Chris’s favorite regions to explore are Canyonland and Arches National Parks and surrounding Bureau of Land Management (BLM) areas and Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument. These areas are where Desert Toad Expeditions offers special programs emphasizing personal discovery and life planning. Always a focus on helping you Do The Extraordinary!


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