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DTE Consulting will help you"Do The Extraordinary" with your individually personalized coaching program:

12 Steps to Freedom & a Life Well Lived

Learn to take control of your finances, your time, and your life.

Live a life of no regrets once we guide you through the 12 Steps.

Immediately start to see dramatic changes for the better! Expert guidiance every step of the way to create exponential personal growth and tangible results!

What's in the "Life Well Lived" program?

Introduction: How to get the most out of the “Life Well Lived” program - Written information provided prior to your first live session to get you off to a fast start.

12 One-on-One personal coaching sessions via Zoom or Skype. Each session 55min in length.

Module One: Where did the time go? Prioritization Techniques

Module Two: Financial Statement Introduction

Module Three: Financial Analysis & Course Corrections (Expense Reduction / Increasing Income)

Module Four: Finding Your Why / Write your story!

Module Five: Know Who You Are

  • Talents, Strengths, Passions & Interests, Dreams

Module Six: 7 Areas of Focus (Organize your 101 List)

Module Seven: Effective Goal Setting

Module Eight: Create Your Big Plans (3 Plans)

Module Nine: Power Team – Learning the Power of Leverage

Module Ten: Refine the Plan

Module Eleven: Sustaining Success

Module Twelve: Think Like a Business Owner

One size does NOT fit all. Customized assignments provided after each session based on the session outcome.

12 focused one-on-one sessions via Skype or Zoom – each session 55min!

Experienced Coach: A professional coach since 2005, 15+ years Rich Dad Coach in Financial Literacy and Life Plans, Real Estate Investing, Entrepreneurship. Jack Canfield Success Principles Coach. Coach Trainer. 25+ years of personal development study and application. Chris has personally coached over 1500 clients in over 125 countries.

Go to the Contacts page to add your information and request your free 20min consultation and begin your journey to time and financial freedom in 12 focused steps!

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